Hoqool team has the advantage

Over the years, Hoqool team has the advantage of having a vast experience in the local and international petroleum systems of the upstream oil & gas industry, exploration, development and production. Being exposed to work with different geological setting of carbonate and clastic reservoirs in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, provided the company in depth knowledge regarding the best practices to explore and develop oil & gas fields using leading edge technology.

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We focus on the acquisition

We focus on the acquisition and enhancement of mature producing opportunities with immediate cash flow and a potential of reducing costs. In addition, with upside opportunities provided by exploration potential in the surrounding acreage. Our acquisitions are of a small and intermediate size of oil & gas fields, which are profitable and held jointly with our strategic partners. 

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Focus Countries

Hoqool Petroleum International Company's ability to deliver high returns rests on its entrepreneurial spirit, the skills and capabilities of its management team and its ability to efficiently decide on investment opportunities on a timely manner. 

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Welcome to Hoqool Petroleum International

Hoqool Petroleum International is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Hoqool is an Arabic word that means fields and particularly oil and gas fields. Hoqool was established in 2010. The founders combine vast and deeply rooted leaders who are experienced, knowledgeable and well recognized, both locally and internationally, covering the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry, with more than 175 years of experience.


The core business of Hoqool is the development of hydrocarbon resources, its activities include: exploration and development of oil and gas fields. The composition of Hoqool, together with the close working relationships throughout the group, allows the company to seamlessly manage business and undertake multiple projects, with decisions based on technical merit and cost effectiveness.

Our Vision

To become the pre-eminent company and partner of choice for upstream Oil & Gas exploration and production in MENA region.

Our Mission

To maximize sustained revenue in support of the Corporate Strategic Direction by exploring, developing, producing and delivering the optimum economic mix of oil and gas in an efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Hoqool Petroleum International Company's ability to deliver superior returns rests on its entrepreneurial spirit