Over the years, Hoqool team has the advantage of having a vast experience in the local and international petroleum systems of the upstream oil & gas industry, exploration, development and production. Being exposed to work with different geological setting of carbonate and clastic reservoirs in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, provided the company in depth knowledge regarding the best practices to explore and develop oil & gas fields using leading edge technology.

Hoqool team's experience of the Arabian Gulf Region & the Middle East  oil & gas fields provided the "know-how" that can be applied to other potential regions and countries for future exploration and development opportunities. Hoqool is capable of undertaking a leading role in a new developments and increments, laying the foundations for optimal developments through timely implemented advanced characterization based on the state of the art seismic processing, inversions, reservoir engineering, reservoir geology and petrophysics.

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Hoqool Petroleum International Company's ability to deliver superior returns rests on its entrepreneurial spirit